Check Out the Best Drive-In Movie Theatres In Houston

With the coronavirus pandemic at-large, it’s no wonder that 2020 has brought back the whimsy, magic, and popularity of the drive-in movie theatre. With better technology, delicious fare, and social distancing naturally in place, this setting can provide Americans with the ultimate safe place to get out of their homes and be entertained for a few hours. After so many hours of Netflix, it could be a welcomed change in your weeknight or weekend plans.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before venturing out to the drive-in theatre, however. Remember, like any outdoor event, screenings can be highly dependent on weather, with rain and wind sometimes leading to cancellations. Also, most drive-ins require that you tune into a latent FM station in order to hear the audio. Make sure your car has FM radio, or bring a portable one. For the most part, movie tickets at these new drive-ins are charged by the carload and require that you stay within the footprint of your car. Finally, if you must leave the car to use the restroom or order food, you need to wear a mask.

Now, that you have the insider scoop, here’s some intel on our 3 favorite drive-in movie theatres in Houston, Texas.

Space City Drive-In
Where is it? 2300 Runnels Street, Houston, Texas 77003
What will you be watching? 90s classics, kid-friendly flicks, and more.
How is the food situation looking? Food trucks in rotation, including The Foodie Barr, Nacho Monster, Off The Leash Hot Dogs, and Akira Candy Factory.

The Best Little Drive-in In Houston
Where is it? 310 North Street, Houston, Texas, 77009 (*Located at The Raven Tower)
What will you be watching? Cult favorites, like Wes Anderson flicks, Ex Machina, and High Fidelity, plus modern classics, such as Get Out and Bohemian Rhapsody.
How is the food situation looking? Standard movie fare – think popcorn, candy, and drinks.

Moonstruck Drive-In Cinema
Where is it? 100 Bringhurst Street, Houston, Texas 77020
What will you be watching? Hotly anticipated new releases and popular, modern movies.
How is the food situation looking? Food trucks on rotation with beer, wine, and concessions provided by The New Potato.

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