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Here Are Some Suggestions to Keep Your Children Entertained During the Next Heat Wave

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When it is hot outside, it can be difficult to entertain a houseful of children. So, you might be wondering how you’ll keep them occupied and happy during this time. Luckily enough for our residents, we have some excellent suggestions in mind! From hosting a dance party to writing a good, old-fashioned letter, here are four ways to keep your children occupied, engaged, and content!

Have a Dance Party.

Does your little one love music? Allow them to play their favorite tunes, while the family engages in a good, old-fashioned dance party! Choose a playlist together, blast the music, and let them shake the sillies out. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, if you joined in, either!

Read Out Loud.

We think of reading as a solitary pursuit, but the truth is some kids never get too old to find pleasure in reading with their parents. And, no, you don’t have to readjust picture books! Ask your child to pick out a book and snuggle up on the couch together for a read-a-ton.

Play Would You Rather?

Kids love this-or-that questions! Work their decision-making skills when you put together a simple, kid-friendly game of Would You Rather? Write tough this-or-that questions, like “Would you rather have super speed or super strength?” on some paper, draw a question from the jar, and take turns answering.

Write an Old-Fashioned Letter.

The art of letter writing is a dying one, but you can keep it going a little longer by encouraging your kids to send a message to a loved one. Little ones can join in the fun by drawing in a postcard or greeting card. This is a great way to keep family members close and more connected, especially if you’re in different states. 

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