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Here Is Where to Get Your Boiled Crawfish Fix in Houston, Texas!

In late February, after a massive, late-season freeze engulfed much of Texas and parts of Louisiana as far west as Baton Rouge, mudbug fans were worried that the weather might endanger crawfish season, which was just getting started. The good news is that your favorite crustaceans bounced back with little effort – even if the season was delayed by a few weeks – and you’re able to get your fix of these delicious, savory crawdads right here in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas.

Believe it or not, Houston’s cultural diversity makes it one of the best places in the Gulf South to enjoy boiled crawfish – other than New Orleans itself, of course. You can get down on the traditional Louisiana-style boil or enjoy new, Viet-Cajun takes on boil culture. Here are 3 spots we recommend to all of our residents at The Enclave at Woodbridge Apartments – they are truly the best places to get your crawfish fix in Houston!

Phat Eatery – 23119 Colonial Parkway, Suite B-2, Katy, Texas 77449

Right now, Phat Eatery is serving up their take on boiled crawfish. This award-winning, Malaysian-style crawfish is made with a sauce made from curry and coconut milk and a touch of spice, and you can order it for pick-up or delivery through DoorDash! It’s available at $6.99 per pound with a 2 lb. minimum, or you can score yourself a pretty savory deal and get 10 lbs. for $59.99. Use that extra 10 bucks to buy yourself a light, crispy six-pack of beer to wash all of these delicious crawdads down – a better combo than PB&J, if we do say so ourselves.

BOIL HOUSE – 3340 E 11th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

BOIL HOUSE, located in the famous Heights neighborhood, seems like a fair name for a place that serves up some of the best authentic Louisiana-style crawfish in Houston, TX. Here, you can either order by the pound, which is currently priced at $7.99, or you can get your fix with the 5 or 8-pound platters that include one to two pieces or corn and two to four potatoes, respectively. And, if you’re hunting for the perfect catering for your socially distant Mother’s Day gathering, check out their website for more information.

The Pit Room – 1201 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77006

You didn’t think a solid barbecue joint would also have a flavorful crawfish menu, too – now, did you? Well, think again! On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can find crawfish while it’s in season at The Pit Room in Houston, Texas. Order by the pound for $9.95 each, or upgrades to The Feast, which includes 3 pounds of crawfish, 1 pound of shrimp, 2 snow crab clusters, and sides of corn, potatoes, and andouille sausage – all for the very reasonable price of 58 smackeroos! Who could pass up a deal like that, huh?

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