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Check Out These 3 Virtual Food Events Hosted By Local Chefs

With the novel coronavirus, many local restaurants and bars have become increasingly creative in the restructuring of their business model. One method that many restaurants have already invested in and found some success with is hosting virtual dinners and workshops that come with their very own ingredients, prepared dishes, cocktails, bottles of wine, and more. For a flat rate, you can join any number of these virtual events, streaming live from some of Houston’s favorite culinary institutions. Check out 3 of our recommendations below:


Chef Anita Jaisinghani rose to local fame with the restaurant she co-owns by the name of Pondicheri. Now, the seasoned chef with a scientific background is holding virtual cooking classes, which are perfect for anyone looking to improve their kitchen skills in quarantine! This popular Indian restaurant and bake lab offers classes in desserts, curries, and plant-based delicacies. So, don’t hesitate to join Chef Jaisinghani, as she explores seasonal ingredients, classic dishes, and spices in daily cooking.

The Union Kitchen

With Chef Ed Roberts at the helm, the Union Kitchen’s virtual cooking classes have become the talk of H-Town. Like Pondicheri, the events at The Union Kitchen vary, but they often focus distinctly on food and wine pairings. Chef Roberts has taken online event-goers through a full spectrum of cuisine, including DIY pizza! At a flat rate, you’ll receive all the food required of your digital dining experience, as well as three bottles of wine. All food and wine can be picked up at any of the five Houston-born chain’s locations.

Underbelly Hospitality

Every year Owner and Executive Chef, Chris Shepherd, and Spirits Director, Westin Galleymore, head to Kentucky to taste bourbons, as a proud part of the Tejas Kentucky Club. With COVID-19, these two culinary and drink gurus will not be able to make it this year and have decided to bring this experience to Houston, instead. Join Chris and Westin for paired cocktails with a Kentucky-themed menu for two, which includes Smoked Turkey Roulade & BBQ Lamb with creamed corn.

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