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Make the Most of Your Extra Time with These Marie Kondo-Inspired Organizational Tips

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With quarantine providing us with so much extra time, many people have been tackling the inside of their apartment home with various decorating, cleaning, and organizing projects. The goal is to finally make their home space where they want to be and enjoy their time since the medical community discourages against being elsewhere during this time.

Before coronavirus hit the U.S., we were constantly on-the-go –at the office, gym, or local watering hole. As our obligations took over our lives, most Americans had little time to get our home space in the exact, desired position we wanted. That’s why The Enclave at Woodbridge Apartments is hoping to inspire those, who are stuck in their decluttering, reorganizing, and redecorating processes or prompt those who haven’t gotten started or are stuck to pull the trigger and move forward with these organizational tips inspired by Marie Kondo.

If you’re looking to get your belongings in order, these suggestions are the best place to start!

Keep Only What Brings You Joy - The most important rule for Marie Kondo’s organizational method comes before anything else! It’s simple, too— keep whatever “sparks joy” within you and get rid of everything else. All it takes is a little practice and self-control, which comes over time. In the end, you’ll be a lot happier with the materialistic items you’ve felt prompted to keep.

Tackle Categories, Not Rooms – Decluttering your apartment home is no easy task, and it helps to have a plan to achieve it. Ms. Kondo suggests focusing on categories of your personal belongings, as opposed to rooms in your apartment home. Her reasoning is that you probably have items scattered throughout your home and not just specific to one room i.e. towels, shoes, books, etc.

Learn the Art of Folding - Marie Kondo believes in storage dressers over storage closets. It’s important to respect all of your belongings, and her ideology is that folding “makes clothes happy.” Plus, it’s more storage-friendly, as you can fold 20 to 40 clothing pieces vertically stacked for optimal evaluation, instead of 10 pieces hanging in your closet. Not to mention, all of those hangers…

Get Rid of Paperwork – Um, hello?! We live in the Digital Age of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and personal assistants! Paperwork is so 2000 and late, and it’s important to widdle your paper piles down to “Papers to Save” and “Papers to Deal With.” Keep all other documents stored and organized digitally. Don’t forget to keep those passwords in order, as well!

Dig Deep – Saying goodbye to material items can be difficult –sometimes, there’s an attachment between you and your belongings at certain points in your own history of them, but it doesn’t warrant keeping them around forever. Ms. Kondo encourages item organization in one of 3 categories: an attachment to the past, fear of the future, or combination of both –then to ask yourselves, “Why?”

At The Enclave at Woodbridge Apartments in Sugar Land, Texas we believe it’s important to live life vigorously. In order to do so, you must educate yourself on a regular basis with lifestyle-enhancing tips, such as these. With this blog post, we seek to improve your way-of-life through education.

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