Here Are the Activities You Can Participate to Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving, Per the CDC

Like any event or happening in 2020, Thanksgiving is going to be a difficult pill to swallow. Known for its usually lavish, indulgent, and crowded gatherings of family, friends, and loved ones, this holiday essentially goes against all CDC guidelines developed in response to the novel coronavirus. Shocking development, we know.

Despite all sarcasm, some Thanksgiving customs, like draining the wine supply and gossiping about your sister’s new boyfriend, won’t change. Others, however, will have to, and by making a sacrifice to our personal and social lives, we can stay happy and healthy this holiday season. Even though your safest bet is to not travel and only celebrate the beloved American holiday with those within your own household, it’s also important to have a more comprehensive understanding of low, moderate, and high-risk Turkey Day activities. Here is what you need to know before cutting the big bird in 2020!

Lower-risk activities:

• Throwing a small dinner party with your own household.
• Hosting a virtual dinner party and sharing recipes with your guests.
• Shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday instead of hitting up the mall IRL.
• Watching football, Thanksgiving parades, and seasonal movies from home.

Moderate-risk activities:

• Hosting a small, socially distant outdoor dinner, rather than gathering indoors.
• Visiting a pumpkin patch or orchard, while social distancing and wearing masks.
• Attending a small outdoor sporting event, while ensuring proper precautions in place.
• Volunteering to give out holiday meals to the unhoused population.

High-risk activities:

• Shopping in crowded stores on Black Friday.
• Participating or attending a crowded race, like Turkey Trot.
• Attending a parade in your town or city.
• Going to a large indoor party with people from outside your own household.

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