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Fun Pool Games for the Summertime

What can be more fun than playing in a cool pool on a hot summer day? Kids will love playing some of these water games this summer! Don’t forget that children need to be supervised in or around water at all times, even if they are good swimmers.

Pool Soccer
Use a large beach ball as the soccer ball. Set up two goal areas on each end of the pool. Players are not allowed to use their hands during this game. No dunking should be allowed.

One person is a “shark.” He or she tries to catch the other players. As soon as a player is tagged, he or she also becomes a shark and joins in trying to catch the other players. The last one caught becomes the “shark” for the next round. Players are not allowed to leave the water during the round.

Stuck in the Mud
This is another game of tag. One player is “it.” Once he or she tags another player, that player must freeze in that spot. He can only be freed by another player swimming through his legs.

These are simple games for swimming pool fun. See who can hold their breath the longest underwater, who can swim the farthest underwater, or who can retrieve the most pennies thrown to the bottom.

Marco Polo
This is a classic swimming pool game. One player is “Marco.” He closes his eyes and counts slowly to ten, while the other players quietly swim away. Keeping his eyes closed, he then begins shouting out “Marco.” The other players respond by shouting “Polo.” He is able to figure out where the other players are by listening carefully. The other players try to avoid being tagged, but must respond whenever he calls out “Marco.” The other players are allowed to leave the pool. But if Marco suspects that anyone is out of the water, he can call out, “Fish out of water!” If anyone is out of the water at that time, he or she becomes “it.” If no one is out of the water, play continues. When another player is tagged, that player becomes the new Marco.

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