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A Fun Back to School Trivia Quiz

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Just in time for back to school fun, this trivia quiz is sure to get you thinking. Lunchboxes, especially metal ones, have become collectors’ items and some are fetching significant sums of money. So after you finish the quiz, check your closets—you may have a treasure hidden away!

1. What was the bestselling lunchbox of all time?
2. Who was on the first metal lunchbox produced?
3. Who was on the last steel metal lunchbox produced?
4. Why did lunchbox manufacturers stop making steel metal lunchboxes?
5. How many different metal lunchboxes were created?
6. Vinyl lunchboxes appeared on the market in the 50s. What were they made of?
7. The first Thermoses produced by the Aladdin Company used what to close the top?
8. Who was on the front of over 600,000 lunchboxes sold in 1966?
9. True or False. You can now buy metal lunchboxes again.
10. Who is the largest manufacturer of lunchboxes today?

At Enclave at Woodbridge Apartments in Sugar Land, Texas, we hope you like reading these fun tips as much as we love sharing them with you. See the answers below.

1. The Disney School Bus (dome-style lunchbox).
2. Hopalong Cassidy.
3. Rambo.
4. The State of Florida banned metal lunchboxes in response to the concerns of a group of mothers, who convinced legislators that kids hitting each other on the heads with these boxes was too dangerous. Other states soon followed.
5. About 450.
6. Plastic over stiff cardboard.
7. A cork.
8. The Beatles.
9. True.
10. Thermos.

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