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Create New Memories Quarantine with a Family Game Night

Is your family getting a little restless with all of this social distancing? When you're stuck inside the house, it can get old real quick. But, we have a responsibility to our community and essential workers! To do our part a little easier, it can be good to resort to alternate avenues of entertainment. (There’s only so many times you can watch Frozen II, right?)

Try out some board games — they're a fun way to keep every member engaged and off their smartphones and tablets. Plus, playing board games with your loved ones will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game

Test your family’s pop culture knowledge with a round of Trivial Pursuit, a board game that has proven its popularity by standing the test of time. There are categories for everyone to excel in, from sports to TV shows. We also love that there are cards tailored to both adults and kids, so it’s enjoyable for family members of all ages!

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

For a game of competitive strategy, look no further than Unstable Unicorns, a game where whoever collects seven unicorns first is the one to win! Players can use attack cards to throw off their opponents— but, you have to remember that each player has the same attack cards. Who will reign victorious in this battle of wits? Find out and play tonight!

UNO Flip

So, you’ve already mastered UNO, so now, it's time to level up with UNO Flip. This twist on the classic game features double-sided cards, the classic side, and the dark side. When prompted, players have to flip their deck and play on the dark side, which is far more challenging with more notoriously action cards, like "draw five" or "skip everyone.”

The Enclave at Woodbridge Apartments in Sugar Land, Texas is committed to making sure that our residents can live their best life. By taking advantage of our tips, we hope that you can easily maintain your routine.

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