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Remain Comfortable While Working at a Desk All Day with Our Easy Pointers

If your normal routine includes sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, then this blog is for you. You might be one of the many Americans, who experience back or shoulder pain because you do not realize the true impact of sitting in an office chair for a prolonged period. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though – many people do not! To prevent stress on your neck, back, legs, and arms, do a quick evaluation of your posture, using these guidelines. And, don’t forget to stand, stretch, and walk around as much as possible during your day!


Elbow placement can make all the difference in chest and shoulder stiffness. Sit in front of your desk with your upper arms parallel to your spine. Rest your hands on your work surface. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. If they are not, you need to move your chair either up or down. Armrests should be set so that they just slightly lift your arms at the shoulders.

Feet and Thighs

To determine if your feet are in the proper position, try to slide your fingers under your thigh at the leading edge of your chair. If the space is too tight, you may need to prop your feet up with an adjustable footrest. If you have too much space, you may need to raise your chair. But if that interferes with the proper elbow angle you’ve already set, you may also need to adjust the height of your desk or work surface.

Eye Level

Ideally, you shouldn’t spend your days looking down or up at your screen. To test for the proper placement of your screen, sit in front of your computer and close your eyes with your head facing forward. Slowly open your eyes. Your gaze should be at the center of your computer screen. If it is not, your screen should be lowered or raised to correct this.

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